Hi everyone, I am pleased to announce that I have another wonderful piece out in the literary journal FRE&D (For Reader’s Edification & Debauchery). It is a poem titled, Bowling Alley Love.

This post comes late since the issue was officially released on April 19th, however there were some writing setbacks. In any case, here it is!

Like all my work, this piece is very dear to my heart and has been in the works for a very long time. Initially, I had a lot of trouble getting it onto paper. The concept of the whole narrative was there yet I struggled over and over in how to pull the images and ideas from my mind and onto the page.

My whole vision of the poem was in constant transition, never fully developed until one day it just came together. The aesthetic look and skeletal structure was a huge endeavor as I could never fully create what I wanted as it too was in constant flux. Bowling Alley Love originally started out as a prose poem yet eventually made its way into a more traditional piece of poetry, transforming into what it is today.

This is FRE&D’s second print issue and it features many other great writers, like Matthew Dickman, Ellen Bass, Jack Grapes, Richard Jones and others. Be sure to check it out if you can. The journal costs about $11.00. You can order a copy of through FRE&D’s website or through me and I will be sure that you get one, just leave me a comment or private message me via this site or directly contact me if you have my cell, or my private email.

Read Bowling Alley Love – feel pain, feel fear, feel love. I hope you enjoy the poem, now let’s go bowl!

Note** When I get a chance, I will be sure to post a PDF version of the piece for you to read.





Hi everyone! I am pleased to announce that my pieces, NIGHT BEAT and MEDUSA, LOVING are now out in the inaugural issue of the literary journal, Angel City Review.

Angel City Review aims to bring readers new and exciting pieces of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and art from both established writers and artists as well as emerging writers with an emphasis on those based in Los Angeles like myself. The journal is an Ebook (including PDF and ibooks/Kindle formats etc.) and it is FREE!!!

Heart Attack by Mando Castellanos
Heart Attack by Mando Castellanos

I hope that you enjoy MEDUSA, LOVING as well as NIGHT BEAT, they both mean a lot to me (as do all my pieces) but what I love about these pieces is that at the time of creation I was practicing a new exercise in writing that I had learned and I was able to come up with these different pieces. I am so glad to have been able to attain a home for the two of them in this up and coming journal. Please read, they await your eyes.

So stop by the Angel City Review and download your ibooks copy today or click below for the PDF version.

Angel City Review PDF

Angel City Review

Angel City Review Launch Party & Reading at Avenue 50 Studio

Come join me this Thursday, June 16th from 7pm to 10 pm at Avenue 50 Studio for the launch party of the inaugural issue of the Angel City Review. Avenue 50 Studio is located at 131 N Avenue 50, Los Angeles, California 90042

Two of my pieces, “Night Beat” and “Medusa, Loving” appear in the journals first issue and I am so proud and would love to share this experience with you all.

I will be reading along with a few other great writers featured in the inaugural issue such as F. Douglas Brown and Keith Niles.

The reading will be followed by some wonderful Jazz by the Alex Santos Quintet.

Check out the Facebook event here.

Angel City Review



Hey everyone,

I’ve wanted to report on this for a few weeks now but my internet has been on the fritz, still is actually ;( in any case, here we go!

Coffee House Press has published and released the full length book by my wonderful friend and mentor, Quintan Ana Wikswo, titled “The Hope of Floating Has Carried Us This Far.”

It is almost indescribable to be able to hold this beauty knowing all the hard work Quintan put into creating it.IMG_0566

As writer’s we are often faced with the uncertainty of others and more frequently our own uncertainty. Those loud and annoying voices in our heads that convince us every so often that we’re not going to make it, that we’re not going to actually be able to produce anything let alone anything that is well received or dare I say successful. And yet, we continue, we dare everyday. We write. Which is why I am so proud and happy for Quintan.

This book is made up of a collection of short stories, all of which are evocative and masterful works, beautiful poetic pieces that peel back layers of our humanity and expose their truths, our truths.

On Tuesday June 23, I was lucky enough to be able to make it out to the Los Angeles book launch party for “The Hope of Floating Has Carried Us This Far.” It was held at Monk Space in K-Town and it was absolutely fabulous. Quintan read selected pieces from the book and each piece was accompanied by a live music composition, it was both lovely and haunting. The whole ensemble was so beautiful I even cried. Afterwards, Quintan signed autographs and took pictures with her adoring fans like me ;)

IMG_0945 IMG_0946

Me and Quintan

This whole experience was so eye opening and inspiring. I hope to one day achieve this success and have a book published. In the mean time I will continue writing and celebrating others like Quintan.

You can check out Quintan’s website or purchase a copy of Quintan’s book on Coffee House Press or Amazon. Happy reading & once again, CONGRATULATIONS to Quintan!

New Publication: The Housekeeper’s Daughter in Lunch Ticket

Hi everyone!

Today I am pleased to announce that my piece, “The Housekeeper’s Daughter” has been published in Lunch Ticket, a literary journal from the MFA community at Antioch University Los Angeles.

This piece means a lot to me because it is my Truth.

I hope you read it and whether you hate it or love it, I hope that it speaks to you.

The Housekeeper’s Daughter

Los Angeles - A tear in the sky?
Los Angeles – A tear in the sky?


New Publication: SEVENTEEN in Burningword Journal

My poem, SEVENTEEN has been published today – fresh for your eyes and ears, hurray!!

I originally wrote this poem at the age of seventeen. I’ve carried it with me for so long as I am now 30 and with each new year the poem underwent significant changes, morphing into what it is today.

The process of revising, editing and polishing the poem was in many ways intense. Every so often I added to it, deconstructed it, removed elements from it, spliced other writings to it, renamed it, massaged it, locked it away for long periods of time, carried it with me on outings, hated it, and loved it…

And after all those changes it has now reached it’s final form and has been published. Seventeen has made its new home in Burningword Literary Journal. Burningword is a quarterly publication focussing on emerging writers of poetry and short fiction, I am proud to have my piece featured in it.

Seventeen is dedicated to my very great longtime friend, T. Rodriguez – I love you and I hope that you know that always.

Please feel free to check it out and share the piece with others. It is viewable via three different formats – for free online (link below) as well as in digital format for iPad and for $15 in print form (both digital and print are accessible via the Burningword website.) Which ever way you experience it, I hope you like it!

Seventeen in Burningword


NEW Publication – Hybrid piece: TONIC featured in DUENDE

Hi everyone, I am very pleased to announce that I have a new piece out today titled, “Tonic” and it is featured in the prose – hybrid section of DUENDE, the literary arts journal from the amazing team of the BFA in Writing program at Goddard College.

Tonic is a surrealism piece very close to my heart and I am just so honored and proud that the editorial team at Duende has chosen to feature it in their second issue. It’s an amazing feeling for me to see another one of my pieces in published format.

Tonic falls under the genre of hybrid because of the poetic language and the use of surrealism which gives this creation so many layers. Weaving fiction, memoir and poetry together and splicing the different elements is what in many ways makes this piece a tonic, to be consumed, devoured, ingested allowing it to bubble and brew within the canals of your stomach. A tonic to stimulate the senses, the mind, a tonic for the soul. Who doesn’t like a sip of a hybridized work of art. I hope you all enjoy it. Cheers!

Freshly Brewed


Freshly brewed TONIC